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Transforming Hustle to Entrepreneurism for Workforce Reentry

We Offer the VirtualiaNet Freelancing Course To Partners That Service The End-User Student...
Why is Teleworking a Smart Choice for Inmate Workforce Re-Entry?
Telework is work done remotely through the Internet.  Today, the US freelance market is a $ 1.5 trillion economy and has rapidly emerged as a competition for the conventional workforce.

Research shows that by the year 2020, 50% of the US workforce will be Freelancers. Thousands of new jobs "Gigs" are posted every day on Freelancing Websites...
A Freelancer Enjoys The Independence of Being Their Own Boss and Working on Their Own Terms
  • Erases the Past - Completely bypasses the Resume-Interview process
  • Immediate Opportunities - Freelancers launch an online profile and apply for Gigs in realtime
  • Completely Level Playing Field - Client gives the Freelancers ratings (1-5 Stars) after completing the Gig. Freelancer also gets to rate the Client
Which Digital Professions Do We Teach and What's The Entry-Level Pay?
$10 - $25/hr.
Virtual Assistant
$10 - $35/hr.
Web Designer
$20 - $40/hr.
$15 - $25/hr.
Web Content
$15 - $25/hr.
Online Advertising Manager
$15 - $25/hr.

Customer Support
$15 - $30/hr.
Social Media Manager
$15 - $35/hr.
Your Own Product or Service
Teleworkers Have Less Stress and More Purpose
  • Constant Workflow - When a Freelancer gets more than four positive ratings, on average, they will get one out of every four Gigs they apply for
  • Full Time Work - Many Gigs can turn into repetitive monthly assignments
  • No Need to Chase Payments - The Freelancing Websites manage the money exchange so both sides are protected. 
  • 90-Day Plan - The course and all nine digital vocations are designed to be completed in 90 days when they can start applying for jobs. 
  • Fast - The practitioner should reach a sustainable income in less than 6-months.
The Freelancer Decides When Their Skillset is Worthy of a Pay Raise
  • Skills are Highly Attainable - Professions such as Web Content Creator require basic writing skills, we give them easy-to-follow formulas for article creation, show them how to do the online research and then give them the research results in PDF files so they can practice the assignments without an Internet connection
  • Few Clients = Full Time Work - Customer Support, Virtual Assistant, Social Media Manager and Online Advertising Manager lend themselves to monthly recurring Gigs
  • Easy to Use Tools - Web Design, Transcriber and Translator leverage online tools that make the Gigs easy to manage
  • And So Much More...
The Digital Age Brings Both Challenges and Opportunities
  • An Oxford study states that 47 percent of U.S. workers have a high probability of seeing their jobs automated over the next 20 years 
  • Smart Cars (self-driving) are being tested in four U.S. cities today and within 5+ years will challenge the Taxi and Truck Driver professions
  • These trends plus the move towards decentralized workplace will drive the Freelancing market into more accelerated growth
Geographic Independence
Lower Rent. Less Stress. Better Schools. Attention to Family.
Certification Increases Re-Entry Confidence
Work from Home or from Anywhere
Faster Steady Income = Lower Recidivism 
No Boss. Just Stars.
We Train Our Entrepreneurs How to Get 5 Stars
VirtualiaNet Has Over 25,000 Students In Over 40 Countries
(In the consumer market and has now been customized for the inmate and returning citizen)
Juan Martitegui, CEO of VirtualiaNetwork
VirtualiaNet is the leading online Teleworking training course in the Spanish Market serving entrepreneurs to become Teleworkers on an international stage.
Phil Alfaro, a career entrepreneur, is leading the Inmate Re-Entry mission for VirtualiaNetwork and is driven to the worldwide initiative of prison reform and helping those who select this path transform their hustle into entrepreneurism.
We Offer the VirtualiaNet Freelancing Course To Partners That Service The End-User Student...