It's All About Getting MORE High-Value Clients
When You Discover How To Automate Your Virtual Marketing Platform To Attract Clients You Enjoy Working With, You Can Focus Your Passions On What You Do Best... 
Connect. Inspire. Lead.
When Your Customer's Interests And Victories Are Aligned With Your Business Solution, Everyone Is On The Same Team
It's all about getting you more high-value clients who are exactly like your very best clients now
  • Less Stress - The ones who bring in the most money, the most opportunities, and who you like to deal with best
  • Cloning What Works - We find out who your best clients are now, and then we create an ongoing campaign that’s mostly digital, and has a handful of live components
  • Via Storytelling and Sales Funnels They Come To You - These new clients learn about you, and seek you out
  • It's Easy - What’s more, this isn’t about you putting in lots of extra effort
  • Let The System Do The Heavy Lifting - It’s about a largely automated approach to being in front of the best people for you throughout the year
When you align your goals and principles with your Clients, you form a Tribe mentality and culture. Together the Tribe is aligned to optimize existing markets, test new markets and navigate around obstacles. The Tribe aligns its talents to reach them and improve the targeted goals with each cycle.

Tribe VM represents the process and methods that make this a calculated system versus a wishful goal.
Your Virtual Marketing Platform Drives Your Most Strategic Initiatives
  • ​Are you positioned correctly in your market to filter the less qualified and attract the perfect fit?
  • ​Looking to Fill Your Live Events and Conferences?
  • ​Would you like to have your events professionally recorded and use select segments to fuel your marketing campaigns?
  • ​Want to attract a Tribe of Followers with a How-To eBook that can even become a Bestseller?
  • ​How about having your own personal Producer to help you launch a series of Online Training Videos or Webinars?
  • ​Record your Webinar once and have it perform for you ongoing converting prospects into clients!
  • ​If you have a business with a Cause or a Purpose we create your Storytelling & Sales Funnel Platform!
Your Three Pillars of Success to Connect Your Passions to Your Income Streams
Virtual Marketing Today is All About Leveraging the Technology to Automate What is Working
Lead Generation & List Building
Leveraging the Social Media Platforms to create a constant flow of Qualified prospects
Email Marketing & Filtering
Creating a stream of engaging communication to draw out the most qualified prospects
Video Storytelling & Conversions
Video Storytelling can be personalized to your market's desires across several platforms
Your Geographic Limitations Could Very Well Be An Illusion
  • Because the world is so heavily digital now, through our efforts you’ll likely be expanding your geographic range to find those new valuable clients
  • That’s because people no longer care about where a business is located
  • They just want the very best help
  • So you’ll be positioned as the very best for a certain group, regardless of geographic boundaries
Getting Started Is Easy...
If you would like to schedule a free consultation to explore how we can help you create your automated Virtual Marketing Platform please click on the button so we can prepare your strategy outline report.

Your Virtual Marketing Platform Is Driven By A Market Strategy
  • Differentiation by focusing on client problems/solutions
  • Create “Moments that make you proud”
  • Targeting your Top Clients/Verticals
  • Efficient alignment of resources by having prospects come to you
  • What makes your clients successful?
  • What makes you successful with your clients?
  • Inexpensive testing -> Optimal results
  • Replicate Success with Automation
  • Expand to Next Vertical
What Makes Our Method Different And How It Aligns Both Our Interests
Most "Agencies" will propose you to make a large upfront investment in branding to later grow your business. Our team is focused on a simple three step process where the upfront investment is minimal and we get clarity on where we need to invest to have the biggest impact in the shortest amount of time.
The 3-Step Process That Get's Us To The Win Zone With Minimal Upfront Investment
1. Discovery Phase
  • What problem are we solving?
  • What are our strengths & weaknesses?
  • Quantitative and Qualitative data
  • Develop the strategies and tactics
  • Who are the top Client customer’s profile?
  • What do they value in business and in life?
  • What do they find important in working with their Clients?
  • What are they trying to accomplish?
  • What’s standing in their way?
  • Develop messaging congruent with the discovery
2. Pilot Implementation
  • Create lead magnets that tie to the messaging and problem we are solving for the prospects
  • Create email marketing sequence with call to action that draws prospect back into the closing process
  • Launch digital marketing campaign and start testing various target demographics and identify best conversions
  • Ongoing reporting and fine tuning
  • Calculate ROIs
  • Expand what works
  • Automate
  • Replicate
3. Post Discovery Phase
  • What worked and why?
  • Interview prospects that converted to clients
  • Interview your sales team on their prospecting and closing experience
  • Create new Lead Magnets 
  • Record testimonials
  • Refine messaging and positioning
  • Launch new and improved funnel
  • Scale everything using ROI metrix
  • Expand to new vertical markets
Meet Your Virtual Marketing Platform Teammates 
We create a personalized team for each project to match the requirements of your Virtual Marketing Platform
Federico Giller is a Creative Director, Video Storytelling expert and a Marketing Strategist.
Phil Alfaro is a digital marketing expert with a career in launching online products and automated funnels.
Bob Bly is a freelance direct response copywriter with nearly 4 decades of experience in multichannel marketing.
Richard Osterude is a Direct Marketing and Digital Advertising Conversions Expert. 
Mark Levy a positioning and branding expert helps leaders increase their fees by 2,000%.

Are you ready to explore how an automated Virtual Marketing Platform can take your business and mission to new heights?